Kelly Mallozzi

Kelly Mallozzi

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Transform Your Sales Team

Work with Kelly Mallozzi to develop and motivate your salespeople and sales teams through coaching and mentoring. 

Get the help you need to quickly assess, strategize and implement programs to grow sales.

Talent & Skills Audit

Your team has strengths, and yet some struggle to adapt to the new paradigm of selling and engagement using the tools and strategies of today. Kelly can quickly assess each member of your team, diagnose problems and propose actionable solutions to improve performance.

Process Optimization

Sales engagement today will not happen without a specific strategy using multiple touch points and a clear action-oriented message. Kelly will work with you to design a plan and process that will make sales happen quickly and profitably.

Talent Onboarding

Adding a new person to your team today can be daunting, especially if that person is of a younger generation. Kelly has a proven and effective onboarding program that includes benchmarks and one-on one-coaching to get your new people up and running quicker and more effectively.


At different points in life, people are motivated by different things. Without proper motivation, sales can stall and start to slip. Kelly can find and optimize the motivational structure for each member of your team to get them to perform better than they have in years. 

Meet Kelly Mallozzi

With 30 years of print sales obsession, Kelly brings passion and commitment to every challenge. Part strategist, part therapist, part mom, and part cheerleader; Kelly is equally invested in your success as you are.

The Selling Salon Blog

Follow the Selling Salon where Kelly discusses sales and marketing in the graphic arts drawing on personal experiences and interactions with print sales professionals across the globe over a 30-year sales career.  Get inspiration, information, and resources to improve your sales performance and elevate Print. 

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